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“Cum for me, Kitten. Show all these people what a dirty fucking slut you are.”

So I do. I cum hard as he rubs my clit in front of a crowd of strangers. I’m lost in the pleasure and shame and pride and, as my shaking subsides, he slides his fingers firmly into my cunt saying “I think you’ve forgotten something, Kitten.”

I flush red. My entire body suddenly feels on fire with the bad kind of shame. “Thank you, Daddy. I’m sorry, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.” How could I have forgotten? Now everyone thinks I’m a bad girl. I am a bad girl…

Before I start to spiral, his fingers bend inside me hitting my G-spot. “Good girl,” he growls, my body melting at his words. “Now,” he continues as he lifts my blindfold so I can see him, “you are going to cum and cum and cum for all these people.” He rubs my G-spot making me squirm and moan, “they are going to fuck you and use you until you’re spent, and if they’re still not done they’ll use you some more. I am letting them use my most precious toy, do you understand, Kitten?” I whimper and nod. “There’s my good girl,” he smiles, putting the blindfold back over my eyes.

I feel his fingers slide out my of dripping cunt. I let out a quiet moan and hear him chuckle, I hate that empty feeling. For a few, very long seconds I remain simply on display; legs over my head, completely exposed to a group of strangers. Are they looking at me? Are they watching my juices start to drip onto my chest? Are they deciding what to do with me first, or who gets which hole? Or are they just watching, savouring my anticipation?

I hear movement. Suddenly someone is tweaking my nipples, I squeal with surprise and a cock is thrust into my, now open, mouth. I try to adjust my tongue, remember to breathe through my nose, but someone straddles me and starts fucking my cunt too.

Cold lube hits my ass and I feel a finger spreading it around, and then into, my hole. My cunt clenches around the cock pounding me. Hands grab my face and, in unison, my ass and throat are filled with cock. I tense up.

“Are you being a good girl, Kitten?” he asks gently. My body relaxes once more, my throat opening, inviting the cock in my mouth deeper. I feel slow thrusting in my ass while my cunt continues to be ruthlessly fucked. The cock in my sopping wet cunt starts to throb before pulling out. My legs kick as I cum while he shoots his own cum over my tits, my cunt being swiftly refilled by a different cock.

I try to mumble “thank you” while gagging, moving my hands towards whoever is deep in my throat, they pull back enough to let me gasp for air before starting to face fuck me. In a brief moment of clarity I think how fucking hot this is before letting myself go, back into the moment, back to just being a slut, a toy, his prized possession.

My ass is briefly empty as hot cum lands on my cheeks, but another cock fills me causing me to cum again. My “thank you” is muffled by another cock in my mouth.

I lose track of time, of orgasms, of how many cocks there have been. I’m flipped onto all fours, onto my back, pulled around by my nipples, hair, legs and arms. I cum over and over again. I start begging, around the cocks fucking my mouth, to be done. The fourth time I half choke, half cry, “please… no… no more,” I feel his presence over me. I don’t need to see to know which look is on his face when he says firmly, “you are done when I say you’re done and not a moment before, Kitten.”

When the fucking finally ceases I’m lying limp on the ground, panting and trembling. His footsteps come towards me slowly, I don’t have the energy to even move my head in his direction. He bends down to me, his hand slaps my aching cunt and I let out a whimper. “Now it’s my turn,” he says and I know he’s smiling. He fucks my cunt hard and fast, rubbing the cum that’s still on my chest over my nipples before rubbing my clit. I cum again and feel warm liquid running down my legs and under my bum, “what a very dirty Kitten,” he says proudly as I feel him start to cum inside me.

He pulls out of me and stands up, leaving me laying on the floor covered in cum, in a puddle of my own piss, his cum leaking out of me.

“Now you’re done, Kitten. You were a good girl, my very good girl.”

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