I hear the front door close. You’re home finally, soon you’ll find me spread wide on your bed and you won’t be able to resist fucking me. Only a few more minutes. My pussy gets wet in anticipation, imaging your face when you see me, your slutty little girl ready and waiting for you.

I hear your keys land on the table and footsteps head up the stairs.

Any minute now.

The door creaks open and I feel your eyes on me. I imagine you taking in the sight before you, thinking through your response or maybe simply trying to control that primal urge to take me immediately.

Minutes pass, my cunt is dripping now as I wait, willing you to say something or touch me. Anything. Stop the waiting and start the fucking.

I hear you unbuckle your belt and bite my lip to stop myself from begging. My hand reaches out to squeeze a leg of my unicorn. The scale is tipping from anticipation to fear.

You step forward and to the side and I know what’s coming but I don’t have time to prepare myself before your belt kisses my bare flesh. I squeal, my bottom stinging from the blow.

“What a slutty, needy little kitten I have.”

You land another blow with your belt and I scream again.

“If you want a good fucking, kitten, all you have to do is ask.”

Your belt meets my skin again.

“So ask, kitten.”

I begin to cry at the pain blossoming in my cheeks.

“Ask me, kitten. Ask for what you want.”

Another blow elicits a scream followed by a whispered “fuck me, please Daddy.”

“I can’t hear you, kitten.” A finger swirls around the entrance to my soaking cunt before sliding inside me. “Louder. Tell me what you want.”

Through sobs my shaky voice manages a slightly louder, “fuck me, please Daddy.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it little girl? All you have to do is ask and Daddy will fuck all your little holes and use you in every way you like. Now will you tell me where you want to be fucked first or do I have to get my belt out again?”

Sinful Sunday

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