Spread your legs, kitten, Daddy needs to make sure you’re in working order. I can’t lend out broken toys now, can I?

Good girl.

First I’m going to make sure these nipples are as sensitive as they should be. I love how you squirm as I roll them between my fingers. I especially love how your cunt leaks when I squeeze them hard. And that little squeak when I twist them.

You like my fingers on your clit, don’t you kitten? We have to check something very important now though. Mmmm, it sounds like you’re close already. Are you ready kitten? Are you ready? Good girl, don’t cum. I know but it’s important I have control over every part of you. Don’t cum. Even while my fingers slide over your clit, covered in your juices. Don’t cum.

OK kitten, now cum for me. Right now. That’s a good girl. Yes, you’re my good girl but we’re not finished just yet.

I need to check your holes are in tip top condition. What kind of friend would I be if I lent you to someone and they didn’t find them as warm and inviting as they should be? Exactly, now you hold your slit nice and wide open while I push my cock inside. Mmmmm, squeeze me tight. Such a good girl. I love the sounds you make when I pound into you. Very good, kitten.

On your front now, kitten. Good, now spread your cheeks for me. Is that lube cold on your asshole? You wiggle that butt so invitingly, now breathe while I slide my cock into you. Good girl, deep breaths. Yes, just like that. I know it feels good, kitten. Keep your ass up, nice and spread for me, I’m going to fuck you hard now. Well I need to know they can go rough with you kitten, I’m a man of my word and I won’t let you change that. You can cum again kitten, you cum as much as you like now while I unload deep in your ass. Mmmmm, good girl.

One last thing to check so get on your knees and open wide, kitten. You’re going to catch as much of Daddy’s piss as you can while I watch the rest of it drip down your sexy little body. How do you feel, all covered in piss? Does it remind you of your place, kitten? Does it make you feel used and humiliated? Good, I love seeing that all over your face.

Come here to me now, kitten. Come and snuggle up in Daddy’s arms. It’s OK, you were a very good girl. I’m very proud of you. You’re my good girl, you know that, right? And everyone else who uses you, they’ll all know you’re mine. My slutty little fuck toy. My good girl.

Sinful Sunday

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