I’ve been wanting to take part in the No True Way link up for bloody ever and finally here I am. I’m not entirely sure I’m the best person to write on stubbornness as I hope I’m not a stubborn submissive (Daddy says I’m not), but I have both the time and the inclination so I’m going to give it a shot!
Stubbornness is a bad character trait for a submissive.

Although I don’t think I’m a stubborn submissive, I call bullshit on this comment that Lilith recieved and has shared as the prompt. There are absolutely Doms who just love to have to ‘force’ a stubborn sub to obey and who get off on that dynamic.

The reason I hope I’m not a stubborn sub isn’t because there’s anything wrong with being one but because that’s not the kind of submissive I want to be. I can be pretty stubborn in my vanilla life but in my D/s I like to be a good girl, I want to please and do as I’m told. My drive as a submissive is to willingly submit and be praised for that.

I really enjoy seeing bratty dynamics and stubborn subs getting what’s coming to them. In fact I have been known to feel a little not good enough in comparison because those dynamics and scenes look so fun – there’s a certain energy to them that I don’t feel my style of submission has. But ultimately what matters is that both sides of the slash enjoy each other and that it works for them. Whatever kind of submissive you are, there’s a Dom who wants that.

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