While I was in the shower I happened to catch sight of myself in the steamed up mirror and thought, “that would make a good Sinful Sunday photo.”

Handily I take my phone into the shower for music and to take nudes for Daddy but I wasn’t quick enough and the steam got a bit too much. After opening a window, waiting for some steam to dissipate and finding myself getting a little chilly, stood dripping wet by an open window, I finally decided to dab off some of the steam with a towel to get the photo!

It’s not quite the image I first saw but I still like it.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Love this image, it’s almost like having a blur filter or something similar applied but IRL.
    There’s just enough steam to see you in the mirror but it still hides you a little.

  2. That made me giggle, there’s a fine line between not steamy and too steamy!

    But I do really like your image, it’s sexy as you try to peep through the steam.

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