Reading has become my lock down thing. It’s providing a kind of escapism that TV/film can’t and gets me away from doomscrolling!

Unfortunately I have issues with book hangover so as much as the reading is great, the ending of the book is not so great. To the point I struggle to get into any other book afterwards for a while. The longer the book, the worse the hangover.

But at least I look sexy while I’m reading.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Yes you most definitely do and my problem is always the getting started. Once I am into the book I can’t put it down… having someone to curl up and read with would be extra special though. I have not done that is a VERY long time


  2. I read constantly… everything from serious biography and histories to the fluffiest of romances and steaming erotic writing…I think alternating something where the character’s name doesn’t register with the next serious read helps with the hangover. But most importantly, you are right… you do look very sexy when reading 🙂

  3. You DO look very sexy reading!

    Your glasses and smile are great. And you look oh so cozy.

    Thanks for sharing.

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