She touched me and my body came alive, electricity shooting through my veins. Her eyes grew wide at my response, my own failing to hide the desire that had rushed through me in that moment, the desire to feel her skin touch mine again.

For so long there had been fantasies and dreams and wishes but finally there was touch. Her fingers tracing up my arm were iced water in the desert. Let her touch me again. My body ached for her but she looked puzzled, unsure of my response.

“Touch me again?” I said breathlessly.


A fire lit behind her eyes as she ran her fingers up my arm once more. Then across my shoulders, my body shivering, before going down my other arm. She laced her fingers between mine and leaned in to kiss me. Her mouth tasted sweet and I wanted more of her. I wanted all of her. I wanted to consume her and for her to consume me.

With her tongue still exploring my mouth she moved on top of me, pushing me down onto the bed. When she broke the kiss I couldn’t help but let out a disappointed moan but she grinned, leaning back to lift her dress off.

My eyes wandered over every inch of her as she sat naked on top of me taking in every curve, bump and scar. I reached my hands out to touch her but she caught them and pinned them back down on the bed. Her face was so close to mine we were nose to nose as she said, “I didn’t hear you ask if you could touch me.” My breath caught in my throat and my cunt grew wetter at her words. She grinned before sitting back up and undressing me.

I flushed as she removed my boxers, suddenly very aware of how slick my cunt already was. My blush only increased as I saw the look on her face, her fingers tracing up my thighs, teasing me. “We are enjoying ourself, aren’t we?” she mocked. “I think it’s time you worked for your pleasure.”

She lay down next to me as I tried to work out if it that meant it was ok for me to move. “Show me how much you want me,” she commanded.

I sat up and kneeled beside her, taking in her beauty again before planting kisses on her neck and collarbone. My hands running down her sides and across her stomach looking for places that made her gasp. Kissing down between her breasts I made my way to the sensitive spots my fingers had found.

Nibbling and kissing her while rolling her nipples between my fingers she began to moan and writhe. I re-positioned myself between her legs, lifting them onto my shoulders before running my tongue over her delicious cunt.
She tasted like sex, like wanton desire and her smell intoxicated me. I flicked my tongue over her clit and explored her folds, listening for her moans, willing her body to tell me just what she needed.

As her vulva swelled, I slid two fingers inside her and began slowly fucking her with them while my tongue worked over her clit. Curling my fingers inside her I began rubbing her G-spot as she gripped the bedding. She came hard and I licked up her juices as they flooded out of her.

I crawled back up her body and kissed her, my own desire finally quenched while hers had just ignited.


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