Well hello! I’m Persephone, a long time kinkster in various guises making yet another return to kinky blogging!

Previous attempts fell by the wayside for a variety of reasons which amount to me being kinda batshit so I suspect this blog will also become something of an exploration of how the hell I can make kink work alongside my mental illness. Somewhere to think aloud and write out my feelings, which is how I process stuff.

So why am I trying again? A friend and badass Dom opened the door to my exhibitionist side, something I was doing a stand up job of repressing, by having me post on Reddit and oh! What has been unleashed!
I’ve moved to a blog purely so I can be my entire kinky self in one place; without my man-kink, Queerness and flavours of fetish creating problems. I want to explore all of who I am and come to embrace myself as a whole, and also as a kinky person in my own right without the influence of others.

Jesus, can nothing just be nudes and fun with me?! Seems not.

Good to know stuff

I’m Queer. I use she/her pronouns. I’m polyamorous and demisexual.

I’m submissive and a little.

Bigots are my biggest turn off.