“I’d love to put you on display like that.”

Words guaranteed to send me even further into a submissive mush. They were in response to the main photo I’m using for this post; naked, collared, legs bent and wide, clutching my cuddly rabbit. Totally exposed. Totally vulnerable. Totally his.

I don’t know what it is about being on display that is such a turn on for me; sure it hits my humiliation/degradation buttons but there’s definitely something more to it.

It’s also not just being on display itself but being put on display by someone. If I stripped off somewhere and put myself on display (would never happen!), that wouldn’t do it for me. It’s not the same as someone telling me, “making” me.

I want to be blindfolded but able to hear the noises of wherever we are; people talking, glasses chinking, and made to take off my clothes. I want you to enjoy my shame as I fumble with my clothing, blushing and trembling as gradually expose myself to you.

I want him to hold me close and whisper that I must be a good girl and let anyone who wants to touch me do so. I want him to squeeze my ass and run his hand over my cunt and say “no matter what, you’re mine. You belong to me” before stepping back, leaving me totally exposed to you, a room of strangers.

I want you to ogle me. I want you to just look for a little while. I want you to see the anticipation start dripping from my cunt as I try not to look too nervous. I want you to watch as my nipples harden with cool air and slight fear. I want you to revel in my not knowing what will happen to me.

I want to hear you coming closer, the reality sinking in as my juices run down my legs. I want to feel your hot breath on my naked body moments before your hands start touching me; my hips, my ass, my breasts, my cunt. So many hands. Some rough, some soft, some with gentle strokes, others grabbing and tweaking.

I want to be acutely aware that my body is not mine, it’s his and he is giving it to you. I want him to hear my nervous squeak as your fingers penetrate me, see me looking around, unable to see but listening for him. I want him to make me wait just a few moments before hearing his reassuring voice, “good girl, make me proud Kitten.”

I want you to slide your fingers into all my holes, all at once. I want you to know what a wanton, slut I am as I suck on your fingers. I want you to play with me like a toy. I want you to get off on my desperate groans as I search with my ass for a leg or arm that I can grind my clit on. All those hands and not one is touching my throbbing clit.

I want him to grin as I fall to my knees, searching for a cock to suck, wiggling my ass trying to tempt any of you, all of you, to fuck me. I want you to see me dizzy with desire, spreading my ass, moaning and begging to be properly used. To be fucked.

I want to hear heavy footsteps coming towards me, followed by his cough. I want to kiss his boots while my body sways, trying to lure him to touch me.

I want him to slide his finger into my cunt and chuckle before running it over my clit. I want him to laugh as I fall to the floor, bucking my hips, silently begging him for more.

I want him to roll me over onto my back and pull my legs over my head; cunt towards the crowd. I want him to spank my clit and tell the audience that I’m going to put on a good show for them.

I want him to slowly and methodically rub my painfully swollen clit while I beg him to let me cum. I want him to say “cum for me, Kitten. Show all these people what a dirty fucking slut you are.” I want you to watch me cum, hear me scream, see me shake and writhe and kick. I want him to tell me again that I’m a good girl and that I’m nowhere near done yet.

To be continued….

Masturbation Monday

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