You lie me down on my back, tie my feet behind my head and look at me, appreciating the ease with which you can access all of me. Staying silent, you watch my cunt start to drip with anticipation, as I wish you would say or do something. You see me squirm as the minutes tick by, fighting the urge to break the silence myself. Sliding a finger into my dripping cunt, you watch me nearly break as the need to hear you speak becomes unbearable. You swirl your finger inside of me before removing it, leaving me without your touch again.

“Good girl.”

I breathe again, not realising I’d been holding my breath. You chuckle at how desperately I need you; your words, your touch, all of you.

“Are you my fuck toy?” I nod quickly and open my mouth wide, offering myself to you. “Tell me. I want to hear you say it.”

“I….” You tweak my nipple hard, eliciting a squeal. “I’m…..” You slap my thigh, my face scrunching with pain and resolve. “I’m your f…. f…..” I stumble over the words and, in response, you grab both nipples and pull them towards you as you stand over me.

“Maybe you don’t want to be mine, hmm. Maybe you want to be just another fuck toy, public property, anybody’s to use.” You let go of my nipples as I shake my head forcefully, my eyes welling with tears, and slide a finger into my cunt once again.

Encouraged by your claiming of my needy hole I finally spit the words out, “I’m… your… fuck toy.”

“Mmmm. Yes you are,” you growl. “My slut, my whore,” your finger finds its way to my mouth, mixing my juices with my saliva, “mine.” Returning your finger to my cunt, “mine,” then sliding into my ass, “mine.” I whimper and you feel your cock throb at the sound.

You remove your belt and run it over my skin, “don’t make me have to use this.” You place it beside me, just touching me so I remember the threat, before pulling your cock out from your unzipped trousers.

Your throbbing cock fills my mouth, “suck it, show me what a good little cock slut you are.” I wrap my lips around it, running my tongue up and down the shaft, flicking it over the head and tasting your precum. With every move I try to prove myself to you; I deserve to be yours.

Satisfied with my mouth you slowly release your cock from my lips. “You keep that mouth open,” you say as you reposition yourself at my wide open cunt. You run the head of your cock over my wet hole, teasing us both, before plunging deep inside me without warning. I gasp and your cock is clenched tight by my pussy. I sneak a look at your and see your grin which only gets wider as you spot my eyes on you. “You like to watch, do you slut?” you mock, knowing I’d beg for your belt rather than keep my eyes open. My eyes immediately dart away and close, panic on my face.

“Look at me,” your tone makes it clear it’s not a request. My eyes open again, fixing on your mouth and I see you form the words “look at my eyes.” I feel your cock twitch inside me as my eyes slowly make their way to yours, smug satisfaction in them. “Keep your eyes open and on me, I want to you to see me use every inch of you.”

You start fucking me hard and fast, meeting my gaze to say, “what a very wet fuck hole.” My eyes slip away for a second before I force them back. You love watching me struggle against my shame, so much that I soon feel you start to cum. My open mouth twitches into a smile as I watch you lost in pleasure.

As the orgasm passes, your eyes open again, a wicked grin crossing your face as you slide your soft cock out of me. I see you take it in your hand as you tell me to close my eyes and soon after I do my mouth fills with your piss. I try to swallow but the stream is too fast and the warm liquid spills out. “Don’t worry slut, you can lick up every last drop later.” Your warm shower starts to wash over my tits and then my clit, cunt and ass.

Finished, you order me to open my eyes once more as you present your cock to me for cleaning. I lick every drop from round the head before you push it into my mouth for me to clean my own juices off the shaft. Your hands tease my nipples, slippery with your piss, as I enthusiastically run my tongue over every fold of your cock.

“What a good little slut. Such a fun toy has to be mine but I’ll definitely need some friends to make sure I thoroughly use you next time.”

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