I love cuddly toys, both in a vanilla way and a kinky way. I’ve always had them, I never grew out of sleeping with them, I travel with them, they’re just an essential part of my life. They’re also a part of my DDlg play because while I don’t regress to any specific age, I do have my own kind of little space and I do enjoy “little” things.

Being as the Kink of the Week this week is plushophilia, I thought I’d write a little story involving my favourite cuddly toy.

This is a fantasy, everyone involved is of legal age and consenting.

Being a big girl

“Come here and bend over this stool, kitten.”

I grab my rabbit’s ear and slide off the bed, slowly making my way to the stool he’s standing next to. I kneel down, facing the stool and nervously lay my torso across it.

Totally vulnerable, my bare bottom presented to him, he runs a finger over my dripping pussy. I gasp, pulling my rabbit closer to me.

“Such a wet little girl,” his words only making me more so. “It’s been some time since I beat your ass, I think you need a reminder of why you want to be a good girl, don’t you kitten?”

My pussy clenches as I mumble “mmhmmmm.”

“Use your words, kitten.”

I fumble to move my hand from my rabbit’s ear to her arms and eventually whisper, “yes Daddy.”

As soon as the words have left my mouth his hand connects with by bottom, the smack loud and painful. Squealing, my feet kick up at the shock, he waits for me to settle before delivering another hard smack.

“Listen to me, kitten, you will not move. You can shout and squeal and cry but you will not move. Do you understand me?”

I nod but an even harder smack to my bottom forces the words “yes Daddy,” out of me.

He continues to spank me, sometimes hard, sometimes softer, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, for what feels like an eternity. I fight to keep my feet pinned to the ground and my bum presented to him, squeezing my rabbit to me, sobbing into her fur as the pain washes over me.

Finally it stops. He runs a hand up my thighs which are wet with my juices, “oh my, I suppose you think you’re a big girl now, taking a spanking like that?” I shudder, willing his hands to go further, “it’s throbbing, Daddy.”
“What is, kitten?” He asks, sliding a finger deep inside me, “your little girl parts? Come and get on the bed and I’ll make it better.”

My legs are weak from the spanking but I clamber back onto the bed with my rabbit, wincing as my red bum touches the sheets. “Being as you proved you’re a big girl taking that spanking, I’m going to fuck you like a big girl now too, ok kitten? But I need you to tell me that you want to be a big girl.”

On my back on the bed, arms wrapped tightly around my rabbit, I look up at him shyly. “I do, I want to be a big girl, please Daddy.”
“Good girl,” he smiles, leaning across me to open a bedside drawer. “Close your eyes, I want this to be a surprise.”

He peels my arms away from my body, exposing my torso. His fingers run over my nipples before he takes them in his mouth, one at a time, hardening them. Pain. I cry out, my eyes opening in panic  to see clothes pegs on my nipples. “This is going to make you extra fun for me, ok kitten, but you might need to hold onto that rabbit of yours extra tight.”

I pull her up to me, pressing my face into her as I feel his cock filling me. I’m unable to focus on anything, the pain in my nipples almost unbearable. My pussy tightens and releases around him as the pain shoots through me, I hear him moan louder each time it does.

“Da…Daddy, it hurts. I don’t think I ca…” my voice is muffled by the cuddly rabbit but the intense pain as he twists the pegs on my nipples tells me he heard.
“You told me you wanted to be a big girl,” his voice is firm. He thrusts deeper into me asking, “don’t you want to make Daddy proud?”

“I do, I do, I’m a good girl, I want to be a good girl,” I plead.

“Good, then you lay there and make those beautiful sounds you make when it hurts.” He continues fucking me hard as I feel the peg release one of my nipples. I breathe a sigh of relief before he puts it back on, repeating the torture with the my nipple.

He starts flicking them as he thrusts. I hold my rabbit over my face, trying to focus on her softness and warmth, while the pain continues. He lifts my legs onto his shoulders and I hear him gasp, it’s nearly over! I’m shocked to feel him pull out of my pussy before I feel his cum pulse into me, instead I scream as he forces himself into my bottom, swiftly followed by him pulling the pegs off my nipples and cumming deep in my ass.

My feet kick at the air as I scream into my rabbit’s tummy, arms wrapped tightly around her over my face. “You’re such a good girl,” he says, “my good girl. Mine.” I feel my ass start to fill up with warm piss. “Big girls keep their Daddy’s piss inside them all day to remind them who they belong to, did you know that kitten?” I shake my head, unsure if he can see behind the rabbit.

He slides his cock out and quickly replaces it with a small butt plug before lying down beside me. I roll over, moving my rabbit down to my side and pushing my face into his chest.
“You’re such a good girl,” he says while he strokes my back and arm, “you’re a very good girl and you make Daddy very proud.”

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