“I have guests coming over, kitten. You’re going to make yourself useful aren’t you?” Daddy asks, stroking my raised ass. I nod, knowing he wants me to fight my shyness and speak. “Tell me,” he says firmly.
“Yes, Daddy,” I whisper as he slide a finger into my cunt.

“Good girl.” My cunt clenches around his finger at his words. “When my guests need to use the bathroom, you’ll crawl there behind them. You do like being kept on the floor, don’t you kitten, and I love seeing you crawl.” His thumb circles my clit and he slides another finger inside me as he talks. “When they’ve finished pissing you’re going to bed to clean them up. Let’s practice now kitten, show me how you’ll beg.”

I’m glad to be on my front and not having to look at him as I whisper, “please let me lick your piss off you.” I feel his fingers slide out of me before he flicks my clit.
“Not good enough, kitten. I said beg. I want them to know that all you want is to be a piss slut, to lick them clean. So beg, kitten, like the only thing in the world you want in that moment is to clean them up with your tongue.”

My legs are spread wide and I know he’s watching my cunt start to glisten at his words. I feel so exposed, wishing he’d put his hands on me again rather than just watch as I squirm.
“Please, please, please let me clean you with my tongue,” I try. Begging is hard!

“Oh kitten, is that really the best you can do?” he mocks me gently. “Maybe it would help if you weren’t even a kitten anymore, you’re just toilet paper.” My cunt begins to drip and I hear his grin as he continues, “so that’s all you are; toilet paper. Tell me what you are.
My face flushes with humiliation as I ever so quietly say “I’m toilet paper.”

His fingers slide back inside me and he begins to work my clit once again. “Again. You need to practice. You need to know that’s all you are.”

My brain melts to mush as I say “I’m just toilet paper. I’m your toilet paper. I’m toilet paper.” He rolls my clit around as I repeat it over and over again, “I’m toilet paper, I’m toilet paper.” My orgasm builds but I’m so lost in my new identity I forget to ask for permission, instead cumming hard on his fingers, still repeating through my moans, “I’m toilet paper.”

He gradually slows his movements down as my body stops convulsing. “That’s my good girl. And when you’ve cleaned them you’re to let them do whatever they want with you. OK kitten?”
I nod, “yes, Daddy.”
“Good girl. My toilet paper doubles as a fleshlight, my guests will be impressed.”

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