So the first photo I took looked like this, and it’s perfect apart from that fucking jet!

Of course all the subsequent photos weren’t as good so I’m a kinda pissed that my post piss pic was ruined! At least I got a punny Sinful Sunday out of it though!

Sinful Sunday

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  1. This is a stunning set of images. On first look I thought it was a string of arousal. I have never been able to get my pee stream to look so neat! I must try harder, or practise more!

  2. Argh yes I have done shots like this that have been perfect apart from something so annoying like that. I still think they are amazing though and the top one without the jet is brilliant


  3. These are brilliant, although I did have to giggle with sympathy at the jet. Why is it when you capture the perfect image something spoils it!

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