Identity has always been something I struggled with; generally and sexually. It took me a long time to figure out who I was or, at least, who I wanted to be as a person. It took a while to make peace with the complexities of my sexuality. It took me longer to embrace my little side and to be able to give my submission from a place of strength.

My identity is still a work in progress but it strikes me that it is for many people. We’re unpicking who we are from who society, friends, family, history and who knows who else tells us we should be. That’s a lot of why Sinful Sunday is so important, if you ask me; it invites people to explore their identities and learn to accept and embrace themselves just as they are.

I remember Molly starting Sinful Sunday and the empowerment I found back then from taking part. I was a much different person then, in looks and personality, but the invitation to explore my sexual identity was something I leapt at.

Today I’m a submissive, a little, and an ass-kicking feminist woman. I wonder who I’ll be tomorrow.

Huge congratulations to Molly on her 500th Sinful Sunday link up. Her own photography has developed over those 500 weeks. Though she always had an incredible talent she has experimented and honed her skills to become a truly remarkable photographer, among many other things. I hope she knows how well respected and admired she is by many people for her skills and dedication to the community.

Thank you Molly for all your hard work and for so much more.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I’m also interested to know who you will be tomorrow. The photo you took for this post is very interesting and sexy. Well, the bunny, of course, was lucky 🙂

  2. You’ve captued my thoughts there. I think we all grow and develop as new pieces of the puzzle emerge or are created. Being able to explore all facets of my identity is so important to me. Lovely bunny too

  3. Yes I remember you joining in way back when. We have both evolved in so many ways and it is lovely to see you so finding your confidence in who you are. Thank you for joining in this week and also being supportive in so many ways


  4. I think so many of us work out who we are and then something comes along and trips us up again. Identities are ever evolving so I don’t believe we ever truly understand our whole selves.

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