Inspired by this photo from Focused and Filthy.

I’m on all fours on the bed while he takes me from behind. I love how deep inside me he is. There’s something about feeling his cock so deep in me that makes me feel extra owned, it flicks that mental switch and I become nothing but a fuck toy.

I love being his fuck toy.

I lose myself in the sensations. My brain switches off as he slams himself into me again and I let out my first, uncensored, moan. The kind that’s pure lust, no “do I sound sexy” worries just a natural, “fuck this feels amazing,” guttural groan. I feel his cock throb inside me as he hears it.

I love being his fuck toy.

All I can think about is his cock, how it feels inside me, how I want more of it. I want it harder, faster, deeper. I want it in every hole. I want him to see my desire and desperation. I want to beg and grovel and plead for it. I want to be nothing but a fuck toy. His fuck toy.

I love being his fuck toy.

I relive the agonising moments before he finally fucked me. The long minutes worshiping his delicious cock, slowly and delicately, even as the desire overcame me. Tracing my tongue up and down his shaft and oh so slowly round the head while my cunt dripped. Embracing the exquisite torture of having his cock but not quite having it. Hoping that he would eventually grab my hips and fuck me deeply. Just like this.

I love being his fuck toy.

I can never control myself in these moments; my hips buck, my body writhes, my fingers grip, my toes curl. I am so lost in how it feels to be fucked; clenching my cunt around him to feel his cock fuck every inch of me. Sliding through my slippery, wet opening, over the ridges inside of me, brushing that little squishy spot that makes me scream, slamming against my cervix. Every single moment of it is delicious and overwhelming.

I love being his fuck toy.

I start asking to cum. Begging to cum. Please, please, please Daddy, let me cum. I can’t take it. I want more but it’s already too much. Please god, Daddy, please let me cum. He loves this moment; watching me fight so hard to be a good girl.

I love being his fuck toy.

My body feels totally out of my control. Every inch of me is moving, clenching, twisting, begging him to let me have that release. He grips my hips more firmly, holding my ass up so he can continue to fuck me mercilessly as I claw the bedclothes. “Not yet, Kitten. Not until Daddy’s cum.”

I love hate love being his fuck toy.

He keeps fucking me. Over and over and over I feel his cock slamming into me. His fingers digging into my flesh take me even closer to an orgasm I’m not allowed. Not yet. My hands knead the bed as I try not to cum. All I can feel is his thrusts as he uses my body. His body. Oh fuck. His rhythmic strokes are almost unbearable now alongside the feeling of being just a play thing to service his needs.

I love being his fuck toy.

He groans. His cock throbs inside me. Oh god, yes. Fuck yes. I feel him explode inside me, cum filling me up. I ask again, “please Daddy, please let me cum?”

“Not yet, Kitten.”

I love hate being his fuck toy.

“What? But….” His thrusts slow. I feel his cum dripping out of me. I feel so thoroughly used. “Please Daddy!” I beg, panic and desperation in my voice. He slides his cock out of me leaving me empty. My hips wiggle and my back arches as my body tries to lure him back.

I love being his fuck toy.

Something cold and wet drips onto my asshole. Lube. Oh fuck, he can’t! I won’t be able to hold it. He rubs a finger around and slides it into my ass. I nearly lose all control, my begging comes thick and fast. The finger slides out and I feel something bigger push against me. “I’m going to slide this into your ass, Kitten, and once it’s nice and snug then you can cum.”

I love being his fuck toy.

He starts pushing the lubed up butt plug into my ass, rubbing my clit with his free hand. I don’t know how I’m still holding off. I don’t know my own name. The plug finally slides into place. “Pl…pl…pl…can…c…c…c…” I trail off, desperate but past the point of words. “Cum for me Kitten.”

I fucking love being his fuck toy.

I scream with the release. My body tightening before collapsing onto the bed. He continues in circular motions around my clit while I shake and moan and mumble “th…t….t….D….th….” in an attempt to thank him for my orgasm. My hands knead at the bed again, ripples running up and down my body and the orgasm washes over me. His finger slows to an eventual stop and he wraps his arms around me, holding me tight. “Good girl, Kitten, you’re a very good girl, and you’re keeping that butt plug in for dinner tonight”

I love being his Kitten.

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  1. I let out my first, uncensored, moan. The kind that’s pure lust, no “do I sound sexy” worries just a natural, “fuck this feels amazing,” guttural groan.
    These are the best kind!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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