I was somewhat overly excited to receive an email saying I’d won the Masturbation Monday giveaway a few months back! The Amo from Hot Octopuss arrived very quickly and now, after rigorous testing, I’m sharing my thoughts.

I fucking love it! Initially, I wasn’t sold though, which is partly why I wanted to write about it.

My favourite vibrator, a bullet vibe, died a while ago so I’ve been using my Hitachi for a year or so now. Because of that, my masturbation habits somewhat changed. The Hitachi offers powerful vibrations across a large area, the Amo offers pinpoint precision.

I quickly, though not quick enough to avoid losing several orgasms, realised that I needed to change up my technique to give the Amo a real shot. After re-watching Loving BDSM’s review I decided to switch back to my old school technique of spreading my lips with my fingers, completely exposing my clit and resting the Amo’s soft tip against it.

Holy hell fire, that is the way to do it! It’s actually how I used to masturbate when I was younger; I really, really enjoy direct clitoral stimulation. I love using it on my back, legs spread wide, as much as on my front or on all fours. It hits several kinks of mine; being spread wide open, exposed, used, forced to orgasm, and it makes me cum hard, a lot.

Since I realised that, I have had many, many orgasms with the Amo. The screaming, panting, leg thrashing, “stop stop stop, more more more” kind. I do love an “it’s too much, please stop, I can’t take it, PLEASE GOD DON’T STOP” orgasm, I don’t know about you!

This is now my go to vibrator. I love a bullet vibe for quick sessions (which are never actually quick but comparatively speaking) and, not being a lover of getting my hands dirty, they’re also the easiest for clean up!

The full power, no pattern rocks my world! It’s also super quiet which is pretty awesome. Although I do agree with Kayla that the buttons are not great. I have to set the speed before I place it and turning it off is a challenge after I’ve cum so hard.

I’d give the Amo 4.5/5 moans. Less fiddly buttons and less vibration in the hand while holding it would make it a 5.








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