When I kneel in front of you, mouth wide open, I feel so small but so useful.

When you put your soft cock on my tongue and I close my lips around it as you start to piss, I feel nervous and hopeful that I can please you.

When I swallow over and over, trying to keep up with your hot stream, I feel dirty and degraded and desperate for more.

When I imagine the look of pride and love on your face at me willingly being your urinal, my heart sings.

When I see you grin and hear you say how funny it is to have urinal that begs for your piss, I feel humiliated and pleased.

When I’m licking you clean, getting every last drop off your cock, I know this is my rightful place.

When you tell me I’m a good girl, your good little piss slut who drinks all Daddy’s piss, I’m reminded that I’m yours and I love belonging to you.

Filthy, Sexy, Words.

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