Stubborn submissives #NoTrueWay

I’ve been wanting to take part in the No True Way link up for bloody ever and finally here I am. I’m not entirely sure I’m the best person to write on stubbornness as I hope I’m not a stubborn submissive (Daddy says I’m not), but I have both the time and the inclination so […]

My oral issue.

I’ve been thinking about and trying (and mostly failing) to work on a specific hard limit of mine for a while now and when Rori Sweet tweeted asking about surprising hard limits, I figured I should write about mine; maybe it will clear my own thinking about it up. Picture the scene; I’m lying on […]

When you’re a crotchety old man

You asked if I would still love you when you’re a crotchety old man and I said yes, which is true but it doesn’t feel enough. I will still drink your piss and ask your permission to go potty. I will still suck your cock like it’s the most delicious, important thing in the world […]

All of me

Continuing my kink isn’t therapy (except when it is) series, I want to share my experience with kink, self acceptance and mental illness. Embracing all of me. Being aware of my submissive side in vanilla situations is as powerful as it is difficult for me. I’m not talking about sexy submission in this instance, just […]

Kink isn’t therapy (except when it is)

When the entire world feels like it’s against me and nothing will go right, my submission offers a space where none of that matters. I’ve had a long and complex journey with my kink and mental illness, without even mentioning the ableism and judgement in the kink community. I have worked hard to learn when […]

Am I Queer enough?

Thinking “I’m not queer enough” is apparently a problem for many in the queer community of which I’m now a part of which still feels very strange to say. This got me thinking. Part of accepting my bisexuality was separating bisexuality from having sex. I can like men and never have sex with them. Just […]

Queer and Loving It!

This is a follow up to “Am I in or out?” In summary, after 30+ years of denial I realized that I’m bisexual. I told my closest friends. They were cool. I came out on a small LGBT+ friendly community I was already part of. They were thrilled, and after an hour we were already […]


I know it’s controversial and I totally respect people who don’t like the reclaiming of Queer but me? I love it. Queer is my identifier of choice. I mentioned in my split attraction model post that I prefer the word Queer so I wanted to write about why, mostly because Mx Nillin’s awesome One Rainbow […]

What The Taming of Red Riding taught me about my submission

I recently read The Taming of Red Riding, it was very good and I enjoyed it very much. Fabulous kinky, escapist reading but it also got me thinking about my own submission. Spoilers of sorts afoot. Amelia is so like me. In fact I’d say she’s exactly who I’d have been had I grown up […]

A little shame

I’ve always been “a little bit little.” When I first got into kink and BDSM I didn’t realise it, mostly because I just didn’t have the experience or kink knowledge. I always leaned towards the DDlg dynamic even before I knew what DDlg was and when I did discover it, I was sold. Since then […]