Stubborn submissives #NoTrueWay

I’ve been wanting to take part in the No True Way link up for bloody ever and finally here I am. I’m not entirely sure I’m the best person to write on stubbornness as I hope I’m not a stubborn submissive (Daddy says I’m not), but I have both the time and the inclination so […]

Kink isn’t therapy (except when it is)

When the entire world feels like it’s against me and nothing will go right, my submission offers a space where none of that matters. I’ve had a long and complex journey with my kink and mental illness, without even mentioning the ableism and judgement in the kink community. I have worked hard to learn when […]

What The Taming of Red Riding taught me about my submission

I recently read The Taming of Red Riding, it was very good and I enjoyed it very much. Fabulous kinky, escapist reading but it also got me thinking about my own submission. Spoilers of sorts afoot. Amelia is so like me. In fact I’d say she’s exactly who I’d have been had I grown up […]