Reading is sexy

Reading has become my lock down thing. It’s providing a kind of escapism that TV/film can’t and gets me away from doomscrolling! Unfortunately I have issues with book hangover so as much as the reading is great, the ending of the book is not so great. To the point I struggle to get into any […]

I’m kinda pissed

So the first photo I took looked like this, and it’s perfect apart from that fucking jet! Of course all the subsequent photos weren’t as good so I’m a kinda pissed that my post piss pic was ruined! At least I got a punny Sinful Sunday out of it though!

Summer dress

In case anyone missed it, it’s been fucking hot this week. I don’t do heat, it is not for me but here’s a summer dress I put on because apparently it’s not OK to be naked all the time even when it’s hotter than the sun. Which is the real reason why running away to […]

One of those weeks

This week my vanilla life was a whole ass thing, mostly for good reasons but I was exhausted basically all week. The photo is in my pajamas on Thursday night, so shattered I couldn’t even stand while my hot chocolate microwaved. What I would give to spend a few days just being a cute little […]

Subtly sexy

I don’t really like photos of my wet cunt. I don’t really know why but I don’t think they’re sexy. Daddy disagrees, he loves photos of my wet cunt, so I take them and I send them to him and that hits my humiliation kink so everyone’s happy. This photo, though, I like. I like […]

Sinful showers

More sinful for the fact I didn’t wait for permission, than that I got sexy in the shower!

Wet panties, red bottom

While making a little Easter surprise for Daddy I discovered that being spanked in wet panties is even hotter than regular spanking!