Cheeky playsuit

I asked Daddy if it was too short. He said no. What do you think?

Hot girl summer #SinfulSunday

Summer is not my favourite thing but it does make it easier to make Daddy happy by wearing easily accessible clothing which also keeps me a little cooler!


I hear the front door close. You’re home finally, soon you’ll find me spread wide on your bed and you won’t be able to resist fucking me. Only a few more minutes. My pussy gets wet in anticipation, imaging your face when you see me, your slutty little girl ready and waiting for you. I […]

Steamy mirror

While I was in the shower I happened to catch sight of myself in the steamed up mirror and thought, “that would make a good Sinful Sunday photo.” Handily I take my phone into the shower for music and to take nudes for Daddy but I wasn’t quick enough and the steam got a bit […]


Identity has always been something I struggled with; generally and sexually. It took me a long time to figure out who I was or, at least, who I wanted to be as a person. It took a while to make peace with the complexities of my sexuality. It took me longer to embrace my little […]

Testing my toy

Spread your legs, kitten, Daddy needs to make sure you’re in working order. I can’t lend out broken toys now, can I? Good girl. First I’m going to make sure these nipples are as sensitive as they should be. I love how you squirm as I roll them between my fingers. I especially love how […]

When the going gets tough, the tough get naked

This week. No, this month, but especially this week, has been hell. This week was the cherry on top of the shit cake month of September. There are some twinkly fairy lights around this/next week though because I’m writing this week’s Sinful Sunday round-up and I am so thrilled and excited and honoured! So today, […]

A little fuzzy

One day I will have time to take some creative photos for Sinful Sunday. Today is not that day. But I have a little fuzz from not shaving for a couple of days so that’s kinda creative for me and I also don’t hate it. I still shaved it this evening!

A little overwhelmed

Life, specifically work, is kicking my ass and, honestly, I am a total wreck. I feel like I’m drowning and a lot of it comes down to me not setting boundaries and a fear of what will happen if I do. Which, by the way, is something I’m working on and have been for some […]

Feeling hot hot hot

It’s been motherfucking hot this week. Way too motherfucking hot. So motherfucking hot I’ve been rubbing myself with ice in a non sexy way just to cool down. The not sexy kind of hot. The not sexy kind of ice play. But here we are making something sexyish out of it!