A little overwhelmed

Life, specifically work, is kicking my ass and, honestly, I am a total wreck. I feel like I’m drowning and a lot of it comes down to me not setting boundaries and a fear of what will happen if I do. Which, by the way, is something I’m working on and have been for some […]

Feeling hot hot hot

It’s been motherfucking hot this week. Way too motherfucking hot. So motherfucking hot I’ve been rubbing myself with ice in a non sexy way just to cool down. The not sexy kind of hot. The not sexy kind of ice play. But here we are making something sexyish out of it!

Reading is sexy

Reading has become my lock down thing. It’s providing a kind of escapism that TV/film can’t and gets me away from doomscrolling! Unfortunately I have issues with book hangover so as much as the reading is great, the ending of the book is not so great. To the point I struggle to get into any […]

Me and my rabbit

I love cuddly toys, both in a vanilla way and a kinky way. I’ve always had them, I never grew out of sleeping with them, I travel with them, they’re just an essential part of my life. They’re also a part of my DDlg play because while I don’t regress to any specific age, I […]

I’m kinda pissed

So the first photo I took looked like this, and it’s perfect apart from that fucking jet! Of course all the subsequent photos weren’t as good so I’m a kinda pissed that my post piss pic was ruined! At least I got a punny Sinful Sunday out of it though!

Queer and Loving It!

This is a follow up to “Am I in or out?” In summary, after 30+ years of denial I realized that I’m bisexual. I told my closest friends. They were cool. I came out on a small LGBT+ friendly community I was already part of. They were thrilled, and after an hour we were already […]

Summer dress

In case anyone missed it, it’s been fucking hot this week. I don’t do heat, it is not for me but here’s a summer dress I put on because apparently it’s not OK to be naked all the time even when it’s hotter than the sun. Which is the real reason why running away to […]

One of those weeks

This week my vanilla life was a whole ass thing, mostly for good reasons but I was exhausted basically all week. The photo is in my pajamas on Thursday night, so shattered I couldn’t even stand while my hot chocolate microwaved. What I would give to spend a few days just being a cute little […]

Subtly sexy

I don’t really like photos of my wet cunt. I don’t really know why but I don’t think they’re sexy. Daddy disagrees, he loves photos of my wet cunt, so I take them and I send them to him and that hits my humiliation kink so everyone’s happy. This photo, though, I like. I like […]

You’re not done yet

Continued from On Display. “Cum for me, Kitten. Show all these people what a dirty fucking slut you are.” So I do. I cum hard as he rubs my clit in front of a crowd of strangers. I’m lost in the pleasure and shame and pride and, as my shaking subsides, he slides his fingers […]