A little shame

I’ve always been “a little bit little.” When I first got into kink and BDSM I didn’t realise it, mostly because I just didn’t have the experience or kink knowledge. I always leaned towards the DDlg dynamic even before I knew what DDlg was and when I did discover it, I was sold. Since then […]

Bladder control

“Daddy, please can I use the bathroom?” I hate asking but I love asking. It’s humiliating and degrading. It makes me feel small. It reminds me that I belong to you. “I really, really need a wee Daddy. Please!” I want to have to ask you. I want you to know when I’ve been. I feel […]

Daddy’s urinal

When I kneel in front of you, mouth wide open, I feel so small but so useful. When you put your soft cock on my tongue and I close my lips around it as you start to piss, I feel nervous and hopeful that I can please you. When I swallow over and over, trying […]

You’re not done yet

Continued from On Display. “Cum for me, Kitten. Show all these people what a dirty fucking slut you are.” So I do. I cum hard as he rubs my clit in front of a crowd of strangers. I’m lost in the pleasure and shame and pride and, as my shaking subsides, he slides his fingers […]

On display

“I’d love to put you on display like that.” Words guaranteed to send me even further into a submissive mush. They were in response to the main photo I’m using for this post; naked, collared, legs bent and wide, clutching my cuddly rabbit. Totally exposed. Totally vulnerable. Totally his. I don’t know what it is […]

I love being his fuck toy

Inspired by this photo from Focused and Filthy. I’m on all fours on the bed while he takes me from behind. I love how deep inside me he is. There’s something about feeling his cock so deep in me that makes me feel extra owned, it flicks that mental switch and I become nothing but […]

Wet panties, red bottom

While making a little Easter surprise for Daddy I discovered that being spanked in wet panties is even hotter than regular spanking!

Collaring and LDR

Every time I get out of a long distance relationship I swear I will never do long distance again. It sucks. And yet, due to all the amazing, sexy people being hundreds of fucking miles away, I always find myself back in them. Long distance is hard, that’s not news. What was news, to me […]