Not just a toy. Your toy.

You lie me down on my back, tie my feet behind my head and look at me, appreciating the ease with which you can access all of me. Staying silent, you watch my cunt start to drip with anticipation, as I wish you would say or do something. You see me squirm as the minutes […]

Just toilet paper

“I have guests coming over, kitten. You’re going to make yourself useful aren’t you?” Daddy asks, stroking my raised ass. I nod, knowing he wants me to fight my shyness and speak. “Tell me,” he says firmly. “Yes, Daddy,” I whisper as he slide a finger into my cunt. “Good girl.” My cunt clenches around […]

Bladder control

“Daddy, please can I use the bathroom?” I hate asking but I love asking.┬áIt’s humiliating and degrading. It makes me feel small. It reminds me that I belong to you. “I really, really need a wee Daddy. Please!” I want to have to ask you. I want you to know when I’ve been. I feel […]

Daddy’s urinal

When I kneel in front of you, mouth wide open, I feel so small but so useful. When you put your soft cock on my tongue and I close my lips around it as you start to piss, I feel nervous and hopeful that I can please you. When I swallow over and over, trying […]

On display

“I’d love to put you on display like that.” Words guaranteed to send me even further into a submissive mush. They were in response to the main photo I’m using for this post; naked, collared, legs bent and wide, clutching my cuddly rabbit. Totally exposed. Totally vulnerable. Totally his. I don’t know what it is […]