My oral issue.

I’ve been thinking about and trying (and mostly failing) to work on a specific hard limit of mine for a while now and when Rori Sweet tweeted asking about surprising hard limits, I figured I should write about mine; maybe it will clear my own thinking about it up. Picture the scene; I’m lying on […]

When you’re a crotchety old man

You asked if I would still love you when you’re a crotchety old man and I said yes, which is true but it doesn’t feel enough. I will still drink your piss and ask your permission to go potty. I will still suck your cock like it’s the most delicious, important thing in the world […]


I hear the front door close. You’re home finally, soon you’ll find me spread wide on your bed and you won’t be able to resist fucking me. Only a few more minutes. My pussy gets wet in anticipation, imaging your face when you see me, your slutty little girl ready and waiting for you. I […]

Not just a toy. Your toy.

You lie me down on my back, tie my feet behind my head and look at me, appreciating the ease with which you can access all of me. Staying silent, you watch my cunt start to drip with anticipation, as I wish you would say or do something. You see me squirm as the minutes […]

Testing my toy

Spread your legs, kitten, Daddy needs to make sure you’re in working order. I can’t lend out broken toys now, can I? Good girl. First I’m going to make sure these nipples are as sensitive as they should be. I love how you squirm as I roll them between my fingers. I especially love how […]

Just toilet paper

“I have guests coming over, kitten. You’re going to make yourself useful aren’t you?” Daddy asks, stroking my raised ass. I nod, knowing he wants me to fight my shyness and speak. “Tell me,” he says firmly. “Yes, Daddy,” I whisper as he slide a finger into my cunt. “Good girl.” My cunt clenches around […]

All of me

Continuing my kink isn’t therapy (except when it is) series, I want to share my experience with kink, self acceptance and mental illness. Embracing all of me. Being aware of my submissive side in vanilla situations is as powerful as it is difficult for me. I’m not talking about sexy submission in this instance, just […]

A little overwhelmed

Life, specifically work, is kicking my ass and, honestly, I am a total wreck. I feel like I’m drowning and a lot of it comes down to me not setting boundaries and a fear of what will happen if I do. Which, by the way, is something I’m working on and have been for some […]

Me and my rabbit

I love cuddly toys, both in a vanilla way and a kinky way. I’ve always had them, I never grew out of sleeping with them, I travel with them, they’re just an essential part of my life. They’re also a part of my DDlg play because while I don’t regress to any specific age, I […]

I’m kinda pissed

So the first photo I took looked like this, and it’s perfect apart from that fucking jet! Of course all the subsequent photos weren’t as good so I’m a kinda pissed that my post piss pic was ruined! At least I got a punny Sinful Sunday out of it though!