Am I Queer enough?

Thinking “I’m not queer enough” is apparently a problem for many in the queer community of which I’m now a part of which still feels very strange to say. This got me thinking. Part of accepting my bisexuality was separating bisexuality from having sex. I can like men and never have sex with them. Just […]

Queer and Loving It!

This is a follow up to “Am I in or out?” In summary, after 30+ years of denial I realized that I’m bisexual. I told my closest friends. They were cool. I came out on a small LGBT+ friendly community I was already part of. They were thrilled, and after an hour we were already […]

Am I in or out?

I’m what society would call “middle aged”. I’m of no interest to most advertisers as I’ve left the most lucrative demographics behind. Nor am I of use to companies who pander to the elderly. I’m in that no persons land between “hip and trendy” and “hip replacement”. At the start of this year, my wife […]