I hear the front door close. You’re home finally, soon you’ll find me spread wide on your bed and you won’t be able to resist fucking me. Only a few more minutes. My pussy gets wet in anticipation, imaging your face when you see me, your slutty little girl ready and waiting for you. I […]

Not just a toy. Your toy.

You lie me down on my back, tie my feet behind my head and look at me, appreciating the ease with which you can access all of me. Staying silent, you watch my cunt start to drip with anticipation, as I wish you would say or do something. You see me squirm as the minutes […]

Testing my toy

Spread your legs, kitten, Daddy needs to make sure you’re in working order. I can’t lend out broken toys now, can I? Good girl. First I’m going to make sure these nipples are as sensitive as they should be. I love how you squirm as I roll them between my fingers. I especially love how […]

Just toilet paper

“I have guests coming over, kitten. You’re going to make yourself useful aren’t you?” Daddy asks, stroking my raised ass. I nod, knowing he wants me to fight my shyness and speak. “Tell me,” he says firmly. “Yes, Daddy,” I whisper as he slide a finger into my cunt. “Good girl.” My cunt clenches around […]


She touched me and my body came alive, electricity shooting through my veins. Her eyes grew wide at my response, my own failing to hide the desire that had rushed through me in that moment, the desire to feel her skin touch mine again. For so long there had been fantasies and dreams and wishes […]


I started writing the first version of this, a D/s take on “caress,” and part way through realised that I have a vanilla fantasy about it too so this has inadvertently become an exploration of the difference between my D/s and my non kink relationships. Caress me, Daddy Touch me slowly. Gently. Trace your fingers […]

You’re not done yet

Continued from On Display. “Cum for me, Kitten. Show all these people what a dirty fucking slut you are.” So I do. I cum hard as he rubs my clit in front of a crowd of strangers. I’m lost in the pleasure and shame and pride and, as my shaking subsides, he slides his fingers […]

On display

“I’d love to put you on display like that.” Words guaranteed to send me even further into a submissive mush. They were in response to the main photo I’m using for this post; naked, collared, legs bent and wide, clutching my cuddly rabbit. Totally exposed. Totally vulnerable. Totally his. I don’t know what it is […]

I love being his fuck toy

Inspired by this photo from Focused and Filthy. I’m on all fours on the bed while he takes me from behind. I love how deep inside me he is. There’s something about feeling his cock so deep in me that makes me feel extra owned, it flicks that mental switch and I become nothing but […]