I started writing the first version of this, a D/s take on “caress,” and part way through realised that I have a vanilla fantasy about it too so this has inadvertently become an exploration of the difference between my D/s and my non kink relationships.

Caress me, Daddy

Touch me slowly. Gently. Trace your fingers across my skin so delicately they barely touch. Watch the goosebumps rise as if my body is so desperate for your touch it is reaching towards you.

Be soft with me. Stroke me as you might a delicate and precious belonging. Whisper to me with your words and your touch. See me lose myself in sensual pleasure, my own whispers my pants and the slow writhe of my body.

Keep quiet; your soft voice washing over me, calming my spinning thoughts. Your light touch my safe place, completely vulnerable yet protected. Glide over my body with smooth strokes, enjoy every curve, bump, gasp that belongs to you.

Worship me, not like a goddess but like your prized possession. Let your awe of me be at how you have taught me, moulded me, trained me to please you with my very being.

Caress me. Not just because I have pleased you but because it pleases you.

Let me caress you

You may be fully clothed but my mind is wild with what is underneath. The way your top kisses your hips and breasts, god I wish my hands were where my eyes are. Your ass in those jeans is too much, I can barely control myself. But I will.

My eyes can’t keep from wandering over your body, my fingers desperate to touch your soft skin but tonight my desire to pin you against a wall and fuck you is outweighed by my desire to worship you. To take it so slow that you want to beg for me to take you but you also don’t want me to stop.

As I walk towards you, you move to remove your top. I shake my head. I slide my hands under your top at your waist and kiss you deeply before ever so slowly starting to lift your top. I love undressing you; seeing your flesh gradually revealed to me. My eyes take in your skin as the fabric is removed; every mole and stretch mark, that scar on your side that you hate but I adore.

The underside of your breasts is exposed now, my cunt is slick with desire for you. I peel your top off you, unable to resist sucking your nipples gently while it slides over your head.

Stepping back, I take your hand and guide you to the bed to lie down. I kneel over you, admiring you before starting to caress you. Running my hands so slowly up your sides, grazing the side of your breasts making your nipples harden even more. Your breath is filled with anticipation as I trace my fingers across your chest. Leaning in I kiss your neck softly, then further up your neck, then your ear lobe while I whisper “you make me so fucking horny.”

I trace my fingers back down your torso, following them with my mouth. My hot breath and soft lips graze your skin causing goosebumps and shivers. I finally make it to your jeans, undoing the button and sliding the zip down to reveal your boxers. I can smell how much you want me and my breath catches. God I want you too.

My hands move to your bum and I lift it up, allowing me to free your hips from the denim. Then your thighs. Then your knees. Then your calves. Throwing your jeans to the floor I trace my fingers back up your legs until they meet the last piece of fabric on your body. I breathe you in, fighting to control of my own desire.

Finally I begin to slide your boxers down. Your hair breaks free of them and I gulp in anticipation. Down, down, down. Your girldick finally free too. Down, down, down. Down over those gorgeous legs again. And off.

I look at you, finally completely naked. Oh god, you are delicious. I begin to move slowly back up your body, caressing your legs, hips, stomach, chest. I kiss you again, unable to hold back my passion now. The feel of your body against mine, skin to skin, makes it impossible to stay in control.

“We’re not going slow anymore, baby, I need you.”

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