“Daddy, please can I use the bathroom?”

I hate asking but I love asking. It’s humiliating and degrading. It makes me feel small. It reminds me that I belong to you.

“I really, really need a wee Daddy. Please!”

I want to have to ask you. I want you to know when I’ve been. I feel so little in those moments; asking Daddy for permission to use the bathroom, telling you how much I need to go. I’m just a little girl, you know best.

Sometimes I want you to say yes without any thought.

Sometimes I want you to question me, “do you really need to go, kitten? You can’t hold it?”

Sometimes I want you to say yes and then appear at the open door watching me, checking my legs are spread wide as you like them.

Sometimes I want you to run a finger over my pussy to check I’m clean, other-times I want you to clean me yourself while you whisper in my ear that little girls need special care.

Sometimes I want you to give conditions; you can go but only outside and on all fours, like a dog. You can go but right now, exactly where you are. You can go but you may not take your panties off. You can go but only with a cock in your cunt.

Sometimes I want you to make me beg, watch me squirm with desperation, revel in your control of me. You know that I’ll squeeze my legs tight and hold on for your permission as long as I possibly can. I just want to be your good girl and good girls don’t piss without permission.

Sometimes I want you to say no all day and, when you come home and find me in my wet panties looking guilty, I want you to tell me I’m a naughty kitten, a bad little girl. I want you to tell me that this is why Daddy has to be in charge, because I can’t even control my own bladder. Then I want you to put me over your knee and spank me as I squeal apologies, my piss soaked panties make each swat sting so much more.

I want to have to come to you, shy and humiliated, every single time because, even when you say yes, I feel your control over me.

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