Hey, I’m a submissive, kinky, Queer, polyam woman sharing my thoughts, experieinces and some nudes.
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  • Cheeky playsuit
    I asked Daddy if it was too short. He said no. What do you think? […]
  • Stubborn submissives #NoTrueWay
    I’ve been wanting to take part in the No True Way link up for bloody ever and finally here I am. I’m not entirely sure I’m the best person to write on stubbornness as I hope I’m not a stubborn […]
  • My oral issue.
    I’ve been thinking about and trying (and mostly failing) to work on a specific hard limit of mine for a while now and when Rori Sweet tweeted asking about surprising hard limits, I figured I should write about […]
  • When you’re a crotchety old man
    You asked if I would still love you when you’re a crotchety old man and I said yes, which is true but it doesn’t feel enough. I will still drink your piss and ask your permission to go potty. I will still […]
  • Hot girl summer #SinfulSunday
    Summer is not my favourite thing but it does make it easier to make Daddy happy by wearing easily accessible clothing which also keeps me a little cooler! […]